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I thought the class was great.  Likely the best program in Richmond.  The tips are practical and easy to apply.  I adjusted my mirrors and hand position during our very short lunch and will continue to try the new skills.  Instructor had a great personality!  Made the content fun and interactive.  I believe you know what your talking about, which is IMPORTANT.  I really think this was well done and worth my time.  Clean website, brand appeal, great price and pre class interaction were all very positive.  I will definately recommend this course!! 

AJ - - - - - September 2020

Class was enjoyable and engaging and I learned alot of things I didn't know prior to walking through the door.  The instructor was GREAT!!  I liked the layed back attitude but his style was still very informative. I also like his different teaching styles. Overall it was great.  You were the only one that answered the phone when I called.  All the other schools made you leave messages and eventually got back to you.  Keep promoting!!  Ya'll are awesome.       

CM - - - - - October 2019

Great!!  Not boring.  Rated very high and regarded by other students as the class to take.  An excellant refresher with latest info about driving.  Awesome instructor and motivatoer.  Very gentle, respectful, helpful and encouraging person.  Interactive class was my favorite and offered class on Sundays. 

LP - - - - - November 2019

Instructor was awesome.  I was afraid I'd be sitting bored for 8 hours, but I actually felt engaged throughout the course. It was alot better than I expected.  I would definently recomend RVA Traffic School to anyone needing the 8 hour remedial driving class.  Keep up the good work!     

AM - - - - - June 2019

Very informative class. I have been driving for 35 years and still learned from the instructor.  Instructor was excellent, engaging and interested in the subject matter.  Thanks for having such a good class.  It will definately imrove my driving.  

JK - - - - - September 2020

More entertaining and useful than I thought it would be. Instructor was lively, understanding, non judgemental and knowledgable. The website was very professional and I trusted this companies name and credentials.  I was dreading the daybut cam away with a boatload of new things learned.I really appreciated the time the woman took on the phone with me and getting my information right and the confirmation e-mail I received was a nice touch. 

SS - - - - - August 2019

Great instructor!!  Not boring like most - Laid back, well spoken informed and knowledgeable on course matter.  Affordable and very easy location to get to (accessible) plus they offered a Sunday class.  Yhe instructor kept 25 people people awake, alert and interested for 8 hours - - FANTASTIC job!!  

NC - - - - - November 2019

Surprisingly informative.  Excellent instructor - good speaker (not canned).  Good personality.  Course was not boring and did not seem to drag on.  Eight hours went by very quickly.  I have taken driving school before and this instructor made it a much more positive experience.  RVA Traffic School came highly recommeded from my friend who also took the class.

JS - - - - - March 2019

Instructor made the subject matter accessible to all the attendees.  I loved the RVA logo.  Best driving school I ever attended.  I hope I never have to attend another one of these classes but will certainly repeat the RVA class if I have to - - I would rate RVA Traffic School with five stars.    

JE - - - - - February 2020

It was better than I thought and was interesting.  I now know our horns beep in the key of "F".  Very good speaker and engaged the class with stories and examples.  The card game/challenge was fun.  My mom picked the school and I'm glad she picked RVA Traffic School.  I will recommend this class to anyone who needs to take a driving school class.

HU - - - - - February 2019

Extremely pleased with the course.  Came with low expectations and had a good  time.  Instructor was casual, friendly and knowledgable. It was affordable and close to my home.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.  Loved the RVA name and the website was legit.  I would recomend RVA Traffic School to anyone.

TT - - - - - February 2018

I came in dreading the day but the class was way better than I expected.  I thought the instructor was pretty great, straight forward and an effective speaker.  He kept us engaged as well as answered questions and kept it from being boring.  I was trying to plan around my work.  The first place I called, the guy was so rude, I hung up the phone and found RVA.  I came in thinking I would know everything, but I came out knowing way more.  I will recommend this class to anyone who needs a driver improvement class.   

SA - - - - - July 2019

This course was extremely informative with audience participation.  Well worth the time spent and dollars spent.  The instructor interacted well with each person in class.  He got everyone involved.  He really knows what he is talking about - not just book smart.  I like how I was allowed to be honest with the class about my habits.  This class was great and very easy to sign up for!!! 

CO - - - - - September 2019

My instructor was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!  He did a wonderful job and I enjoyed his stories.  I choose this course because it was the first person I could get in contact with and the woman had a great attitude.  Best driving school I have ever taken and learned alot!  Keep doing wonderful work - - it leads to GREAT BUSINESS!!  Thank you.

BP - - - - - January 2020